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Welcome! My name is Ann, I am a sculptor/painter/writer with a strong interest in genealogical and historical research. I now live in McIntosh County, Ga., but my family lines lived elsewhere. They are:

RICHARDSON - VA (1700?) - NC - (ca 1740)- SC: (1770) - FL 1828- Chatham Co., GA (1823-) This line began with two brothers who came to this country with the Church of England, were "Kings Men" (not soldiers, but rather supported the King and the church during the Puritan uprising under Cromwell in England). Missionaries, they had been to the Orient where they had learned to grow rice and make paper.




LIGHTSEY - Rhineland, Ger. - PA (1741) - SC: (1749) - Chatham Co., GA. (1834 -)
WALLER - MD (?), GA (1784)
COOK - SC (1740) - GA (1885 - )
SHEPPARD - Charleston & Beaufort Dist., SC, (by 1680's -)
GESCH/GATCH - Germany - England (1709) - SC (ca. 1716)
EBERHARDT - Germany (Bellheim?) (1725) - SC (1747)
CROSBY - Beaufort Dist., SC (1790)
McRAE - Scotland, NC, SC, GA
ROGERS - Ireland, NC?, SC
PHILLIPS - Co. Antrim, Ireland, NC?, SC


Current Research: Looking for anyone else whose family claims a Portuguese/Spanish ancestor who settled on the coast of (probably Beaufort Dist.) SC. The legend in my family who claims such an ancestor is that it came about somehow "by Pirates who came in off the coast of SC." There is also Indian blood in this line, and believe it or not, a Gypsy who must have found his/her way to SC before 1740. The story of the Gypsy is that "a couple of Gypsies dropped out of a tribe of Gypsies and married local girls". "English" Gypsies were in VA 1680's and 1715. Portugal exiled Gypsies to the Americas more often, in greater numbers, and at an earlier time than this.

I am aware that the tale of Portuguese/Spanish and piracy coincides with the story of the origins of the "Melungeons", but have found no further connection with that group who settled north of SC, as yet, unless research reveals we have the same point of entry - ie: Santa Elena (Parris Island). The names of this line of mine which includes these races plus English are: COOK, SHEPPARD, CROSBY, EBERHARDT, GATCH. The SHEPPARD line does have American Indian blood, and may be the source for the Portuguese/Spanish ancestor. They lived in Charleston by 1680, then in Edisto area of Colleton, and Beaufort Dist., SC. JOHN COOK, our ancestor b. ca 1740 in SC, may have Gypsy blood. He lived for a short while in PA, returned to SC. His son was named GADI. The same spelling of this name is a modern Jewish one, but it is not pronounced the same, for ours is pronounced, Gay- dye (long a, long i). It is also Hindi, pronunciation unknown. Biblical reference to this name occurs only once and is obscure, therefore it is probably not taken from that source. Could it be Celtic or Gaelic? I have found only one other person of that time period with that name, "Gadi Campbell", also a resident of SC.

Would appreciate any input from Anthropologists, linguists, genealogists, etc. who might suggest clues to look for to prove or disprove such a line. Have run out of sources of reference for documents which might mention such people in SC. Genetic research, perhaps?


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Azariah Richardson, b. ca 1755, d. ca 1819, Barnwell, SC, wife: Elizabeth_______? (possibly a Cameron, Gregg or Williams, since these surnames are repeated as Christian names of their descendants.) (probable son of David Richardson, probable brother of Isaac (b. 1758), Aaron, (the elder, b. ca 1764, and Solomon.)

John G. Richardson, b. 3-13-1781 in SC, d. 5-15-1859 in GA, wife: Jane/Jean Rogers,{ b. ca. 1782 SC, d. ca 1827, daughter of Jean Phillips and John Rogers} (known) children of John G. and Jane Richardson:
1. James Cameron Richardson, b. May 24, 1802, married Esther Henrietta Thames ca. 1827, died July 7, 1871, buried Beech Branch Church Cemetery, Luray, S.C.
2. Samuel C. Richardson - b. 1808 in Barnwell Dist., S.C., d. 3-5-1873 in Chatham Co., Ga.. married Elizabeth Lightsey, (b. 1813, d. 12-16-1871, daughter of David and Mary Lightsey of Barnwell Co., S.C)
3. daughter, named Mary Ann?
4. daughter named Caroline.
5. daughter, named Nancy?
6. Rebecca, b. 1812-16 in S.C., d. ca 1880-1900, married James Cook of Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort Dist., S.C.,
7. John A. , b. 1817 Beaufort Dist., SC, d. 1-16-1890, married, 3-28-1839, Savannah, GA to Dorcas Eliza Edwards
8. unknown son?
9. Jane Williams Richardson , b. 1821 in S.C., d. 1-20-1882, married John A. Staley

Children of Samuel C. & Elizabeth Lightsey Richardson:
 1. Edward F.: born 9-9-1835 in Chatham Co., Ga., d. 12-2-1884 in Chatham Co., GA, married, 10-5-1854 to Catherine Lavinia Waller Montgomery (born 5-13-1830, died 10-3-1895, marr. daughter of George W. and Harriet E. Waller and widow of George W. Montgomery, Jr.)
 2. Nancy Elizabeth ("Nicey") - b. ca. 1847, Chatham Co., Ga., d. 7-30-1921 in Savannah, GA. Married, l. _____ Hughes 2. John B. Waldron (son of John B. and Mary A. Waldron, Sr. of S.C. and GA.)
 3. Jacob H., b. 1852 d. 12-17-1868
 4. Maryann Caroline ("Carrie"): b. 4-6-1855 in Chatham Co., Ga., d. 2-6-1952 in Savannah, GA. married (l.) Owen Brittle (2.) James C. Fennell (son of Wm. H. and Rebecca Gooding Fennell of Prince Wms Parish, S.C., b. April 185l, d. 10-16-1936)

Children of Edward F. & Catherine Waller Richardson:
(Catherine had l daughter by first marriage to George W. Montgomery of Jan. 10, 1850: Mary Lavania Montgomery: b. 4-11-1852, d. 7-31-1883, marr.1875 to John O.Rogers (b. ca 1853 in S.C., d. 3-17-1909) Rogers offspring:
 1. John H. Rogers, b.10-12-1875, marr. Jessie Bevans
 2. Lauranna (Laura) Elizabeth , b. 10-5-1877, marr. William Stokes).
l. Charles J. Richardson, born 3-30-1855, died ca. 1905, married (1) Violania or "Vilenie" Fennell,( born 1855, died 5-8-1894, daughter of William H. and Rebecca Fennell) Children by Violania Fennell:
 1-1.Edward O., b. 6-5-1879 moved to Atlanta, Ga. d. after 1977?
 1-2. James H. b. 12-16-1880, d. 5-26-1892?
 1.3. Charles F. b. 12-31-1883
 1.4. Harriet Elizabeth: b. 12-17-1885, d. 4-22-194l
 1.5. Catherine Viola b. 10-4-1889

Charles J. Richardson married (2) Mary Margaret Cooke Cook (b. June 1870, Hampton Co., SC, d. 1903 Chatham Co., GA., daughter of Stephen Elliot and Georgianna Shepherd Cook, and widow of DeWitt Clinton Cook). Mary's son by first marriage: Edward S. Cook, b. March 1892, d. ___, married Pearl ?, two children, Helen (marr. in 1937 to Wm. C. Lee) and Margaret Children of Chas. J. & Mary Cook Richardson:
l. Ruth Inez, b. 10-17-1897 in Chatham Co., Ga., d. 3-10-1977, married 7-3-1917 James E. Fagaines
2. Charles Clifford, b. 3-20-1901, d. 4-11-1962, marr. Nancy L. Powell, 6-23-1924, (daughter of Charles H. & Virginia E. McRae Powell.)

continuing with children of Edward F. & Catherine Richardson:
 2. James R. Richardson, b. 3-2-1855
 3. Thomas E. Richardson, b. 3-19-1859, d. 11-29-1911 Marr. Martha E. Frier
 4. Laura Elizabeth Richardson, b. 4-25-186l, d. 7-25-1926, marr. 4-17-1879 to John H. Gay (b. 1859 in SC, d. 11-17-1900, son of Elizabeth Gay)
 5. George W. H. ("Walt") Richardson, b. 9-18-1865, d. 5-8-1916
 6. Zachiah T. ("Zach") Richardson, b. 11-14-1867
 7. John D. Richardson, b. 10-9-1863, d. 12-28-1884, Unmarried



A Palatine from the Rhineland, Germany

Johannes Jacob Liez/Leitseit/Leitzeinger, Lightsey, etc., b. ca 1717, d. after 1794. unknown wife, immigrated from the Rhineland, Palatinate, Germany, in 1741 to America, from Rotterdam through Cowes, first to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then on to South Carolina, arriving October 16, 1749. Jacob paid for his passage, was not indentured. He, his wife and 4 children ettled in Saxgotha Township, in forks of the Broad & Saludy Rivers.

Johannes George Lightsey b. pre 1744 (in Germany) d. 1791-1799, Barnwell Co., S.C. son of Johannes Jacob Leitzeit and unknown wife. Sons
1. John Lightsey, b. 1765-74, in Dutch Fork, S.C., d.. pre 3 Nov 1823 in Bibb Co., Al. Marr. Barbary (RIZER?) b. ca 1770, in S.C., d. pre 22 Nov 1858 in Bibb Co., Al..
2. Abraham Lightsey: b. 1765-75, in Dutch Fork, S.C., d. pre 1830 Colleton Dist., S.C., wife unknown
3. Jacob Lightsey, b. 1775-79 in Dutch Fork, S.C., d. pre 2 June 1810, Wayne Co., Ga., wife Martha
4. David Lightsey, Johannes George Lightsey and Mary (RIZER?), b. ca 1779, d. 1817 Barnwell, S.C. Wife Mary (probably Rizer) after death of David, Mary marr. ca 1820, Isaac RICHARDSON
  4.1. Keziah, daughter, b. ?, d.1825 unmarried, Barnwell Dist., S.C.
 4.2. *Jacob J., b. 1812, Barnwell Dist., S.C. d. 1872, Chatham Co., Ga., marr., ca 1834 to Mary A. ? (b. 1812, d. after 1876) *see below
 4.3. Elizabeth Susanne, b. 1813, d. 12-16-1871. marr. Samuel C. Richardson (son of John G. and Jane Rogers Richardson, b. 1808, d. 3-5-1873).
  4.4. Catherine b. ca 1817 Barnwell Dist., S.C., nothing further known.
5. John Lightsey, b. pre 1775, Dutch Fork, S.C., d. pre 5-1-1829, Barnwell Dist., S.C. wife Susannah, b. 1773, d. 10-29-1819, Colleton Dist., S.C. 2. wife: Selah, d. 1827-29.
(Note: The German families were known to name more than one son, Johannes therefore the two "Johns"

*Jacob J. Lightsey: resided: Barnwell, S.C. near Colleton Co. Line (now Bamberg), Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort Dist., S.C., Chatham Co., Ga. Children of Jacob and Mary A.
1. William J. Lightsey: b. ca 1836, Barnwell Dist., S.C., d. 3-23-1864 in Union Prison during Civil War, married Sarah ______ (b. 2-12-1834, died 7-12-1879) (widow, Sarah married William H. VANBRACKEL 11-22-1866 in Bryan Co. Children: George W., b. ca. 1858, William J., Jr.
2. Clementine A., b. 1837, Barnwell, S.C., marr. 10-15-1857 to George H. RATCHFORD in Chatham Co., Ga., d. before 1876.
3. Susan A., b. 1839-41 Barnwell, S.C., marr. 12-3-1867 in Bryan Co., GA to Wm. A. VANBRACKEL = known child: Henry H., b. ca. 1869
4. Barnwell Rhett, b. 2-17-1843, Barnwell, S.C., d. 9-16-1894, marr. (12-2-1867) (1) Emmeline M. CARTER (2) (2-29-1872) Elizabeth J. COLE
5. Mary Adeline, b. 1845-48 in Barnwell, S.C. d. before 1900, marr. 5-20-1866 to Emanuel B. DOUGLASS = known children: Jacob C.("Jake"), b. ca 1869, Harmon T. b. ca. 1871, Daniel H. ("Harry"), b. March, 1874 Cora M. b. October 1876
6. Alice Henrietta, b. 7-19-1855, in Chatham Co., Ga., marr.10-14-1875 to William H. BLACKBURN, d. 2-8-1949
7. Anna H., born 1857, Chatham Co., Ga., never married?



These Wallers seem to stem from Samuel Waller, (b. Maryland?) who was on Long Creek, Wilkes Co., GA in 1783, Chatham Co. by 1798, Effingham Co. 1808. Samuel was related to Olive and William Wilson, and John Waller of Effingham Co. and Savannah, Ga.

b. pre 1787, In 1808, with Samuel Waller in Effingham Co., in 1820 in Savannah, Ga married, 1 daughter. marr. to Susannah Young, 12-26-1809., to Mary Carter, 12-22-1819.

GEORGE W. WALLER; b. 1800 in Bryan Co., Ga., d. 4-18-1874, in Chatham Co., Ga..(son of Jemima and _______ Waller, nephew of Hiram Waller) marr. Harriet E. _____, Bryan Co., Ga.(b. 1800, d. 9-7-1851) Children:
l. WILLIAM E. b. 1828, d. 6-24-1874, marr. Miss Amy Gill, One child known: William W., b. April 8, 1875.
2. CATHERINE LAVINIA, b. 5-13-1830, d. 10-3-1895, marr. 1-10-1850 (1.) George W. Montgomery (1 daughter- Mary Lavinia Montgomery) and 10-5-1854 (2.) Edward F. Richardson = 6 children
3. GEORGE ALLEN: b. ca. 1831, d. after 1880, marr. 4-28-1853 ( l.) Elizabeth Joiner Montgomery and 9-10-1856 to (2) Miss Mary Crosby (3) 4-3-1866 to Wealthy A. Nichols
 (1). George W. b. 8- 8-1861 d. ca. 2-9-1930 marr. Catherine Penelope Fennell (b. 5-24-1863/4 in S.C. d. 10-27-1914) (Children of Geo. W. & Catharine - John J. Waller, Ada L., Rebecca, Lucy, Edith, Mary, Allen, Nellie M.)
 (2) Julia, b. 1859 (child of Mary Crosby).
 (3) Walter, b. 1874, son of Welthey Ann Nichols
4. JEMIMA ANN, b. 1834, Bryan Co. d. 4-10-1881, marr. 2-23-1855 to Franklin Freeman = daughter: Margaret A. b. 1856 marr. David F. Carter
5. ELBERT JACKSON, b. 1836, Bryan Co., Ga., d. 9-5-1863, marr. 7-12- 1857 to Frances Driggers of Bulloch Co., Ga. = daughter Welthey(?)
6. HARRIET ELIZABETH, b. ca. 1841, (married a Eunice?)

HIRAM WALLER: (probable son of Samuel Waller) b. 1787 or before in MD., d. by 1860. marr. Nancy A. Harvey (b. ca 1795, d. ca 1865, daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Morell Harvey) 6 sons, 2 or 3 daughters. Sons: Hiram, Jr., William A., George W., Thadeus, Richard, Samuel J. and James. sons:
1. RICHARD: b. 1-6-1812, d. 5-18-1891 lived in Bryan Co.Ga.
2. SAMUEL J. WALLER: b. ca 1815 d. 3-21-1900, marr. Mrs. Louisa Debaus/Dubose ( b. 1826, d. 11-18-1897).
Frederick S., b. 1857
George Horace, b. 1859, d. 10-21-1919, marr. Virginia Whitaker
Daniel E., b. 1863
Anna T., b. 1865, marr.______Harvey
3. HIRAM, JR.: b. 1822, marr. 1-8-1852 to Sarah Jane Futch
4. WILLIAM A.: b. 1832-33, marr. 8-1-1850 to Susan Carter (b. 1835)
 (1) Caroline, b. 1852
 (2) Emanuel, b. 1854, d. 1-9-1930
 (3) James H., b. Jan 1858, marr. Caroline V._____, children: Hiram, Phillip, Arthur and Rutherford(?)
 (4) Henry, b. 1862
 (5) Daniel, b. 1868
 (6) Vernanda b. 1877, marr. ______ Carter
 (7) Indiana, b. 1878
5. THADEUS: b. ca. 1842, d. after 1865, marr. 3-9-1864 to Sarah R. Crosby



Somewhere in this line, according to family legend, is a gypsy, a Portuguese or Spanish ancestor (somehow brought about because of "pirates off the coast of South Carolina") and an American Indian. (Credit for a large portion of this research goes to Mrs. Gloria Bowers, Varnville, SC.)

JOHN COOK, b. ca. 1747 in S.C., d. between 1835/40 in Prince William's Parish, S.C., Unknown wife, born ca. 1745 . Rev. War veteran, Continental army. Lived for a short time in Pennsylvania, returned to SC.

John Cook's (known) sons: Gadi, Leavie/Levi, William and Thomas.

Gadi J. Cook, b. 1784/1790 d. 22 Jan 1848 (War of 1812 veteran)
First Wife: Priscilla Brewer, b. ca 1790, D. 10 July 1832 (struck by lightning)
second wife: Barbary Margaret Crosby, b. 22 Sept. 1802 - d. Dec. 1892 (widow of Thomas Williams.)
Children of Barbary Margaret Crosby and Thomas Williams (b. 12-1-1832)
 1. Caroline Williams, b. 1-24-1825
 2. Charles Clay Williams, b. 1-11-1828
 3. Benjamin Williams, 1-24-1830
 4. William Thomas Williams, 2-7-1833

Children of Gadi Cook by first marriage to Priscilla Brewer:
l. John Cook: b. 1809/10, d. between 1870/80, marr. Catherine Wynn (b. 1809/11 - d. between 1892/1900)
  1.1. Priscilla Ellen, marr. (1) Samuel Hull, (2) Charles S. Shaffer.
  1.2. Andrew Jackson, marr. Caroline Padgett
  1.3. Joseph T., marr. Elizabeth Hughey
  1.4. Abraham
  1.5. Cornelius
  1.6 James Edward

2. James Cook b. 1810/1814, d. by 1880, marr. Rebecca Richardson (b. ca 1812, d. after 1880, daughter of John G. and Jane Richardson)
  2.1. Nancy Ann - B. 6 Dec 1840, died ? Visited her uncle Samuel C.Richardson's home, where she married 8-25-1857 - Samuel's neighbor (l) Edward Stewart (b. 1838, son of Charles Stewart and Charlotte Douglass) after death of Edward, marr. 12-5-1866, Francis Marion Gill (b. 1832, d. 6-25-1935 - remarried at 78 yrs old to 23 yr old wife (Nettie Wall) and had 5 more children)
children of Nancy Cook and Marion Gill:
   (1) Henrietta, b. 1866
   (2) Laura, b. 1869
   (3) James Jasper Gill, b. April, 1872, in Chatham Co., Ga., d. 4-24-1944 in Savannah, Ga. marr. Mary Agnes Blackwell (b. 7-9-1872, d. 5-4-1906 in Savannah, Ga., dau. of Samuel B. Blackwell and Mary M. Pannell (wid. of Northrup).
   (4) William, b. ca 1874,
   (5) Charles, b. ca 1876
   (6) Adaline, b. ca 1877
   (7) Florence, b. Feb. 1880 - marr. Louis Jones

continuing with children of James & Rebecca Cook:
  2.2. Alfred C. - b. 12-2-1842, d. 9-8-1918, marr. Sarah Elizabeth Strickland
  2.3. William Martin, Sr. b. 6-10-1846, d. 1- 21-1912, marr. Mary Jane Thomas.
  2.4. James, Jr.: b. 1848/9, d. after 1910, marr. Emma Miller.
  2.5. Samuel, b. 1852/5, d. after 1910, marr. (1) Rachel Strickland, (2) Elizabeth Crews.
  2.6. Laura Cook, b. 1854-8, d. after 1880, marr. Wm. Donahue (one known child - Henrietta Donahue, b. 1878-9)
  2.7. Thomas E. Cook, b. 1858-60

3. Redding Cook, b. 1816 - d. after 1880, marr. (1) ______?, (2) Sarah Delilah Rowell (b. 1822/8, d. after 1880)
  3.1. James Middleton
  3.2. Mary Martha
  3.3 James Hansford
  3.4 Mary Cornelia Cook M. Benjamin F. Owens (Janet Anderson's line)
  3.5. David b. between 1850/60
  3.6. Lawrence b. between 1850/60

4. William C. Cook b. 1819/20, d. by 6 Jan 1890, marr. Martha Faust (b. 1816/17, d. 1902, Early Branch, S.C.)

5. Martha Cook, b. ca 1822, d. by 1839, marr. George Washington Tuten (b. 1815, d. Dec 1, 1875) burial site: Stafford, S.C.

6. Mary Cook, b. 7-30-1824, d. 9 Dec 1886, marr. Benajah Thomas, b. 3-13-1818, d. 9- 28-1899 Hampton, S.C.

Children of second marriage of Gadi Cook (July or Sept., 1834) to Barbary Margaret Crosby (widow of Thomas Williams):
1. Nancy Jane Cook, b. 1-5-1836, d. after 1900, marr. George S. Crosby, Sr. (from St. Lukes Parish) (b. ca 1836, d. between 1892-1900) Children:
  1.1. Joseph Leonard Crosby, b. 3-22-1857
  1.2. Mary Jane Crosby, b. 3-7-1860
  1.3. Florence Amanda Crosby, b. 1861-4
  1.4. William Crosby, b. 1868-70
  1.5. Susan Crosby, b. 1870-2
  1.6. George S. Crosby, b. 1874-5

2. Elias Asberry Cook, b. 3-23-1838, d. 12-11-1887, marr. Harriet Manthu Dewitt, b. 1- 19-1842, d. 4-2-1925

3. Anna Saphronia Cook, b. 4-22-1840, d. after 1880, marr. Stephen Elliott Crosby, b. 11-30-1836, d. after 1880 - children:
  3.1. Laura Joanna Crosby, b. 11-11-1859
  3.2. Florence Crosby, b. 1865
  3.3. Gabrielle "Ella" Crosby, b. 1868
  3.4. Johnny Crosby, b. 1873
  3.5. Barbary Crosby, b. 1876
  3.6. Anna Crosby. b. 1879
(Note that this family disappeared from S.C. after 1880 - did they go to Georgia?)

4. Stephen Elliott Cook, b. 4-2-1842 in SC, d. ca. 1908 Chatham Co., GA, marr. Georgianna Shepherd (dau. of Susan Gatch and Ephraim Shepherd) (continued below)

5. Francis Asberry Cook, b. 12-9-1844, d. 10-19-1913, marr. Emily Caroline Fennell, (b. ca 1846, d. ca 1909)

6. Laura Annus Cook, b. ca 2-2-1848, d. 2-17-1914, marr. Mark E. Nettles, b. ca 1837, d. 3-12-1920

Stephen Elliott Cook, b. 4-2-1842 in Hampton Co., S.C., (CSA) Moved to Chatham Co. ca 1886 died ca 1908 in Pooler, Chatham Co., Ga. Married ca. 1863-64 to Georgianna Shepherd, (born June 1840, d. 1910-1919, dau of Ephraim & Susan Gatch Shepherd, Hampton Co., S.C.

1. unknown daughter? b. ca 1860
(Probably Saphronia called "Fronnie", married to _____ Dorsey?, 2 daughters, one named Essie who married an Italian man and moved to Mt. Ybo, Fla. No success so far, 1994 in finding and Essie or Fronnie/Saphronia Dorsey)

2. Adella, ("Della"): born March 1868 in S.C., d. after June 1900, before 1910, marr. 7- 1-1886 to Siefke ("Fritz") Inhulsen (b. Sept. 1850 in Germany, d. 8-31-1924 in Pooler, Ga) children:
  2.l. Adolfus ("Adolf"): b. Feb. 1889, died ?, marr. Ella Dorothy _____ in N.Y.
  2.2. Oliver Girard: b. 6-17-1891 in Pooler, Ga., d. 1-23-1947, marr. (l) Lillie Mae Blackston and (2) Ethel Langdale
  2.3. Herman Martin: b. Feb 1895, d. 11-15-1950
  2.4. Alfrieda ("Frieda"): b. March 1900, died ?, marr. 3-11-1921 to Thomas W. Dains = l son, l dau.

3. Mary Margaret Cook, daughter of Stephen Elliott Cook and Georgianna Shepherd , b. June 1870, in Prince Williams Parish, Hampton Co., S.C, d. 1903, Pooler, Ga.
lst marriage: 6-15-1887 to DeWitt Clinton Cook: (b. 1844, d. pre 1895, son of Henry K. and Caroline Oliver Cook, Chatham Co., Ga) Children: Anna Rosalee Marian:- died as an infant.
Edward S. : b. March 1892.married Pearl ___ ?, two children, Helen and Margaret.
(Helen Marie Cook, b. Chatham Co., GA, marr. 8-19-1937, Wm. C. Lee of Savannah, GA. Disappeared after 1941 - Would like to find Helen or Margaret!)

4. Louis Cirkland: b. 5-8-1877, d. 3-22-1931, marr. ca. 1897, Lillie Daisy Crosby (b. 8- 15-1882, d. 5-31-1952) children:
  4.1. David Kirkland: b. 6-8-1900, d. 4-15-1965, marr. (1) 1-16-1921, Beatrice Rebecca Brown (son= Theodore Cook) and (2) Wilma Miles
  4.2. Anna May: b. 1-31-1905, d. 4-6-1985, marr. (1) Ernest Cannon, (2) Clarence Moore
  4.3. Leila Rowena: b. 8-25-1908, Pooler, Ga., d. 11-14-1995, marr. Arthur Linton
  4.4. Randolf, b. 2-2-1911, d. 7-31-1963 , marr. Nellie Hohnite

5. Rowena: b. ca 1877 in Hampton Co., S.C. , d. 2-28-1900 Marr. 4-14-1897 -Wm. E. Crawford = daughter - Vivian Sadie Crawford

6. Elliott M. (Melvin?): b.12-29-1880, Hampton Co., S.C., d. 4-5-1937 in Chatham Co., Ga. marr. 1-17-1904 to Ora MacStephens (b. 8-2-1884, Valdosta, Ga. d. 3-15-1981, Chatham Co., Ga.) children:
  6.1. Evelyn - b. 3-15-1905, d. 4-17-1970, marr. Harvey Britt
  6.2. Edna Georgeanna (sp?): b. 1-11-1908, d. 11-22-1987, marr. 8-12-1935 to (1) Thomas Stephen Baker, (2) Clinton Sylvester Edenfield
  6.3. Pearl Lucille - b. 11-11-1910, d. 3-21-1984, marr. (1) Eddie Potter, and (2) Patrick Milton Levin
  6.4. Lester Elliott, b. 11-15-1912 in Pooler, Ga. d. 12-3-1993 marr. Doris Dean Collins



Originally from Dorset, England, came to South Carolina ca April, 1672. This line of Shepherds seem to have begun in Colleton Dist. with James Sheppard, who owned a plantation jointly with John Chaplin.

John Sheperd/Sheppard, b. ca 1657, d. after 1737, before 1743 (possibly married to Elizabeth Stewart, sister of Charles Stewart, last wife was Hannah Goring), related to Mikell, Bagen, Sacheverell, Buckland Children of John:
l. Peter Shepheard, b. ca 1703. marr. Elizabeth Hitchcock
2. Charles Shepheard, b. ca 1700, bur.3-18-1747/8, marr. 1st ? 2nd Ann_____?
3. Samuel Sheppard
4. John Sheppard, (Jr.) b. ca 1705
5. Francis Sheppard, b. ca 1705, d. early 1740's, Berkely Co, marr. Mary Bulline
6. Mary Sheppard, born ca 1709, marr.7-17-1728 to Capt. Francis Baker
7. George Shepheard, b. ca 1714. d. 1784, marr. Magdalena Eberhart, marr.next Eva Eberhart. or possible that Eva and Magdalena were one and the same. Resided in Prince William's Parish.
Children by Magdalena (or Eve)
 7.1. Abbaheart (Eberhart?) Shepheard (sp): b. 9-8-1751
 7.2. Mary Shepheard, b. 12-19-1753, marr. Edmund Jones: children: Charles Shepheard Vincent Jones, Robert Jones, Sarah Jones. (Jones family moved to Midway, GA, from Dorchester community - quakers)
 7.3. Martin Shepheard, b. ca 1755, d. by 1790
 7.4. Robert Shepheard: (see below) b. pre 1759 d. ca 1832 married several times (widow was Ann Henrietta _____, ) Daughter: Minerva Evalina (marr. Gideon Smith) Sons: Ephraim, (see below) Martin, John, Robert (?)
 7.5. George Shepheard, b. ca 1759. killed at Savannah 10-9-1779
 7.6. John Shepheard, b. prior to 1775
 7.7. Abram Shepheard, b. after 1775.

EPHRAIM SHEPPARD, b. ca 1810, d. ca 1856 Pr. Wms Parish, SC, married Susan D. Gatch, b. ca 1810 d. ca 1882, (daughter of John & Martha Gatch (b. ca 1777, d. after 1850) children:
David, b. ca. 1813- disappeared from records.
Georgianna b. June 1840, d. ca 1911, marr. Stephen E. Cook (see Cook)
Virgil, b. ca 1848, marr. Catherine Sinclair
Mary, b. ca 1850 ( marr. Edward Skillen?)
Ephraim J., b. 1856, d. 3-4-1921, marr. Salina E. ("Molly" Smith? - b. 6-15-1858, d. 1-3-1929)



EVERETT POWELL: b. ca 1815, d. ca 1875, married 12-16-1838 to MARY ANN STOKES (b. ca 1820 N.C., bur. Mt. Olive cem., betw. Fitzgerald & Ocilla, GA) nee FORTNER, dau. of Selena and John E. Fortner, Sr.?) (Kenansville, Duplin Co., NC - witness James Dickson, perf. by Benj. Merritt) Children:
1. Sarah Ann, b. ca. 1843, Albertson, Duplin Co, NC
2. David Singleton b. 1845, Albertson, Duplin Co., NC, married, 5-9-1867, Elizabeth (Eliza) J. Turner (dau of James H. & Gatsey Turner)
3. Benjamin Francis b. ca 1847 Albertson, Duplin Co., NC, (marr., 6-10-1867, Sophronia M. Turner, dau of James H. & Betsy/Gatsey Turner)
4. Mary C. b. ca 1850, Sampson Co., NC, marr., 6-1-1871, Clinton, Sampson Co., NC. to Robert H. Merritt (son of Willis and Sabra Merritt) = children: Cora L.(b. 1872), Lula C.(b. 1875), Rebecca (b. 1877) Robert H. Merritt had a son, John R. Merritt from a previous marriage
5. JOHN EVERETT POWELL: b. 10-31-1852 in Sampson Co., N. C., d. 5-5-1927 in Fitzgerald, Ben Hill Co., GA., marr. Dec 28, 1877 in Burgaw, Pender Co., NC - NANCY VENTRICE GARRISS, (b. 1-19-1854, d. 7-20-1927, bur. Mt. Olive Cemetery (4 mi. out of town on hwy 129 S.), between Fitzgerald and Ocilla, GA, (now Ben Hill Co.) daughter of Rufus ("Reet") & Jane Moore Garriss.)
6. Eliza Ann Powell, b. ca 1856 in Sampson Co., NC
1877 - Everett Powell & family lived Pender Co., NC ca 1893: John Everett Powell & family moved to Irwin Co., GA. with wife's brother Rufus, and her mother Jane Garriss.

l. Marian Chalmers - b. 11-9-1877 in Pender Co., N. C., d. May 1, 1956, marr. 1-11-1900 to James Prescott of Fitzgerald, GA.
2. Mary Jane ("Jenny"), b. 5-20-1880 (Pender Co., N. C., d. 12-16-1961 in Miami, FL., marr. 11-6-1904 to Wm. Alpheus Flannigan
3. Carlotta (Lottie), b. ca 1882 in N.C., marr. E.T. Evans
4. Charles Henry: b. 11-14-1883 in Watha, Pender Co., N. C., d. 6-30-1940 Savannah, GA) marr. 2-6-1905 in Ocilla, GA to Virginia Eugenia McRae (b.12-8-1888 in Quincy, Fl., d. 1-17-1965 in Jacksonville, Fla., dau of Werlender Jane McRae Cercey and John W. McRae)
5. John William : b. 3-12-1886, Pender Co., N. C., d. 9-24-1961, marr. Maggie Johnson
6. George Everett: b. Feb. 1889, in Pender Co., N.C., d. 9-21-1904, GA. marr. "Dive" Rouse
7. Delilah- b. 11-29-1891, Pender Co., N.C. d. at age 13.
8. Benjamin Oliver: b. Apr. 1894, in Irwin Co., Ga. marr. Lottie Troup

CHARLES HENRY POWELL and Virginia Eugenia McRae - Children
1. Nancy Lee - b. 6-11-1906 in Fitzgerald, Ga., Irwin Co., d. 8-28-1958, Savannah, GA. marr. 6-23-1924 to Charles Clifford Richardson (son of Charles J. & Mary Cook Richardson)
2. Annie Marie: b. 8-13-1908 in Fitzgerald, Ga., d. 3-6-1987, marr. (1) Howard P. Burns (2) Loren R. Whitney (3) James D. Palmer
3. John Henry b. 12-14-1910 in Fitzgerald, Ga., d. 8-3-1963 in Savannah, GA marr. Ruth Scott
4. James C., b. 11-20-1913 in Fitzgerald, Ga., d. 2-6-1958, marr. Thelma Boyles
5. I.V. (Ivy): b. 1-23-1916 in Fitzgerald, Ga., d. 4-11-1994, marr. Walter Allen.
6. Nellie Grace: b. 8-29-1918 in Fitzgerald, Ga., marr (1) Leamon Hodges (2) Pat Clark (3) Asey Jolly
7. Cecil Clyde: b 10-23-1920, d. infancy, Chatham Co., Ga.
8. Robert Eugene: b. 2-16-1923, Chatham Co., Ga. marr. Stevie Lou Gunter :
9. Nina Geraldine: b. 6-17-1925, Chatham Co., Ga. marr. Ernest Fulton



 Angus McRae (b.____, d. pre 1850) married Grace Adams (b. ca. 1791 in Maryland,
died after 1870) moved to Telfair Co., Ga. which later became Montgomery Co., Ga., Co. 
children: 1. Norman McRae and 2.  Delilah McRae (others unknown, but other possible
daughters are:  Judith (“Judy”)  McRae – b. ca 1831, marr. 9-3-1857 to Neill Morrison,
son of John & Elizabeth Johnson Morrison  and Grace (“Gracey/Gracie”) McRae – b.
1820 in South Carolina, unmarried in 1860 at age 40.
  Norman McRae, b. ca 1815* in Charleston, S.C. (CSA) d. 10-30-1883 Hamilton Co., FL
Marr. Nancy Emily Johnson, (b. 1825 in Smithfield, N.C., d. 10-17-1865 in Worth Co.,
Ga. , buried about 12 miles from Albany, Ga., daughter of Wiley (Jr.) and Winnifred Hood
Children of Norman and Nancy McRae:
1. Mary Ann Gracie McRae - b. 12-18-1849  d. 5-20-1920, marr. Moses Conine.   
2.. Frances H. McRae -  b. 1-8-1850 in Montgomery Co., Ga. d. 10-18-1923, marr.
9-10-1869 to Daniel McSwain (b. Dec.1949, d.1-29-1937, son of John McSwain who d.
Nov. 1883). 
3. Delilah McRae -  marr. William Snipes   
4. Daniel W. McRae - b. 8-18-1854 in Worth Co., GA, d. 1-4-1945 in Hillsborough Co.,
Fl. ,  marr. Hamilton Co, FL. to Sarah T. Collins (b. 4-9-1861, d. 11-23-1934, daughter of
George and Eliza Williams Collins)  
5. Werlender Jane McRae - born ca 1857 in Montgomery Co., Ga., bur. "in a country
cemetery at Lax, GA, about 10 mi. from Willacoochee, GA on the Ocilla Hwy - not yet
found)  marr. (1) James Cercy and had one child:  
5.1.  Alice Florence Cercy, b. Lake City, FL., July 20, 1881 in Fl., d. in Gainesville, Fl.
4-16-1969,  marr. in Irwin Co., GA to W.T. Bishop (b. 3-1874) 
- Jane marr.(2) John Wesley McRae. one child:
5.2.  Virginia Eugenia McRae b. 12-8-1888 in Quincy, Fl., marr. 2-6-1905 in Irwin Co.,
Ga to Charles Henry Powell  
6.  "Babe", or Luizer/Louisa McRae, b. ca 1859 in Irwinville, Ga., marr.  Perry Hall in
Hamilton Co., Fla. 
7.  Elijah (E.B.) McRae -  b. ca 1860 in GA
8.  Burton, ("Burt") McRae - b. 9-14-1861



(also sp. Garrish, Garish, Gerrish, Gerish, Gerras, Gerres, is of English and Welsh origin. Earliest instances of the surname are connected with Oxford, England, also being spelled Gerische, Gerygge.

The first Garriss to America (VA) is supposed to be Amos Garriss who arrived from England 1654, died 1686, wife: Elizabeth.

JOHN GARRISS, B. 1772, SC, wife Francena, b. 1782, NC.
Sons of the above (daughters unknown):
1. Rufus W. (Reet) Garriss b. 1808, NC, marr. Jane ("Janie") Moore
2. John Garriss, b. 1812, NC, married Maisey
3. Charles S. Garriss, b. 7-29-1810 in N.C., d. 10-1-1885, marr. Jeanette Ann Wheeler
4. Edward Garriss, b. 1817 NC., marr. Margaret Ann Lawrence
son of Edward & Margaret:
  4.1. Albert W. Garriss, b. 3-16-1855 in Watha, NC, d. 1-22-1884 in Watha, N.C., marr. Martha C. Kenion (b. Sept. 1861 in Watha, NC, dau. of Joseph and Priscilla Garriss Kenion. children of Albert W. and Martha Kenion Garriss:
  4.1.1. Joseph E. Garriss, b. Nov. 1884 in Watha, Pender Co., NC.
  4.1.2. Major A. Garriss, b. Oct 1886, Watha, Pender Co., NC
  4.1.3. Margaret P. Garriss, b. Sept. 1890 in Watha, NC
  4.1.4. Lizzie J. Garriss, b. July 1893, Watha, NC
  4.1.5. Carl Garriss, b. Oct 1897, Watha, NC.
5. Richard Garriss
6. James Garriss
7. W. R. Garriss - dec. by 18

A few details in the below genealogy seem to be in dispute between sources:
RUFUS AND JANE GARRISS: Rufus b. in N.C. ca 1808, marr. Jane Moore (b. N.C. 10-8-1815, d. 7-13-1898 (daughter of Jacob Moore and Margaret Bonham, granddaughter of Hezekiah Bonham, Sr.)
children: (all probably born New Hanover Co., N.C.
l. Penelope (twin) b. 3-22-1833, d. 11-27-1936, marr. Wm. B. Gurganeous(?)
2. Priscilla (twin) b. 3-22-1833, marr. 2-11-1858 to Joseph Kenion (killed in Civil War at Malvern Hill, VA, 7-1-1862)
3. John W., b. ca 1836 in New Hanover, NC., CSA, killed at Chancellorsville, Va. 5-2-1863
4. Alexander D., b. ca 1840 CSA, d. Hosp in Richmond, Va. 8-3-1862
5. Jerusha, b. ca 1842?, marr. a Rivenbank?
6. Patrick C. or H., b. ca 1844, CSA killed Malvern Hill, Va. 7-1-1862
7. George Washington, b. ca 1845, marr. Ann J. _____.
8. Hazeltine Judson, b. ca 1848 marr. Boney/Bonny J. or S. Brinkley in 1882 another source says Hazletine J. Garriss b. 8-4-1859, d. 3-16-1937)
9. Santa Anna b. ca 1848, d. 1881, marr. 2-11-1873 to Sarah Ann Pace
10. Owen Bryant. b. Nov. 12, 1850, d. 9-11-1929 in Watha, NC., marr. 3-3-1872 to Charity Garriss (dau. of Washington and Gracey Garriss) Children:
  10.1. Annie J., b. Mar. 1873 Watha, Pender Co., NC
  10.2. Martha S., b. May 1875, Watha, Pender Co., NC
  10.3. John W., b. Sept. 1877, Watha, NC
  10.4. Columbus Franklin, b. Feb. 1880, Watha, NC, marr. Mattie Bell Bennett
  10.5. Alice, b. Apr. 1882, Watha, NC
  10.6. Mary A., b. Mar. 1883, Watha, NC
  10.7. A. Judson, b. 11-12-1888, Watha, NC
  10.8. Atteler (?), b. June 1891, Watha, NC
  10.9. Sevalson, b. Mar. 1895, Watha, NC
  10.10. Rosco, b. Sept, 1896, Watha, NC.
11. Nancy Vintrice, b. 1-9-1854, d. 7-20-1927, marr. 12-28-1877 to John Everett Powell
12. Rufus Eli:. b. Dec. 1856 in New Hanover Co., N.C. marr. 10-6-1880 to Annie C. Malpass children:
  12.1. Council, b. Jan 1886 in Watha, Pender Co., NC
  12.2. Georgia A., b. Feb. 1889, " "
  12.3. Eli, b. Nov. 1893, Irwin Co., GA.
  12.4. Belle, b. Apr. 1896, Irwin Co., GA
  12.5. Ralph, b. Sept. 1899, Irwin Co., GA



Our John G. RICHARDSON of SC married Jane/Jean ROGERS, according to Fairfield county, SC deeds relating to the estate of Archibald PHILLIPS. The deeds were recorded by a much confused and ill-spelling clerk, who made several noticeable mistakes, perhaps more. However, according to these deeds, the relationships and facts are thus:

The PHILLIPS family were from County Antrim, Keakearalaugh, Kerkeralaugh, Keakinlaugh, Kirkenlaugh or Kelksorralaugh? Parish. (Spelled all these ways)

Archibald PHILLIPS, son of Robert & Margaret PHILLIPS of (same) Ireland, died unmarried in Rapides Parish, LA. His last of kin in America were his cousins - children of his 3 aunts, all deceased at the time (1811). These aunts were: SUSANNAH PHILLIPS ROGERS (wife of JAMES ROGERS, Sr), JEAN/JENNET PHILLIPS ROGERS (wife of JOHN ROGERS), and REBECCA PHILLIPS HARTNESS, (wife of MATHEW HARTNESS/HARKNESS). They had a daughter, SUSANNAH HARTNESS. This Susannah does not appear as an heir, so the conclusion is that she was deceased in 1811. Jean had died during the period of the Revolutionary war, but her daughters were alive - Rebecca and Jean/Jennet (who signed her name, JANE RICHARDSON, wife of JOHN RICHARDSON of Beaufort Dist., SC.) REBECCA, dau. of JEAN PHILLIPS ROGERS, according to one deposition (which has errors) married JOHN GREGG of Abbeville, SC. yet this Rebecca cannot be found in records. The cousins and heirs, most of whom appointed JAMES ROGERS their attorney were: REBECCA DODD, widow of JOHN DODD of Fairfield, (it is possible that Jane's sister Rebecca married John Dodd, not John Gregg). This testimony states that JAMES ROGERS, son of SUSANNAH and JAMES ROGERS, was the sole male heir. However it does not mention some of the other heirs named in documents: JAMES & JENNET CAMERON, MARGARET and WM. TELFORD, ISABELLA & ROBERT BRYSON, ELEANOR and ADAM BLAIR. Apparently Jennet, Margaret, Isabella and Eleanor (all of Fairfield Dist.) were children of one of the ROGERS. Rebecca may be dau. of James & Susannah or John & Jean Rogers.

The depositon, taken from James Phillips, further states that ROBERT & MARGARET PHILLIPS had additional children: THOMAS, (who remained in Ireland) JOHN (who came to America - Fairfield Dist., d. 1810 in Chester Dist., SC (no issue), and two other daughters who died in Ireland.

JANET (JEAN) ROGERS and REBECCA HARTNESS came to America before the Revolutionary war. SUSANNAH ROGERS and her son JAMES came to America in 1771, to SC by 1779. SUSANNAH ROGERS died ca 1790.

Another deposition taken from JOHN BUCHANNON, who knew the Phillips in the same Parish and county of Ireland.

For continuation of Jane Rogers and John Richardson, see RICHARDSON



Mary Ann Caroline Richardson Fennell b. 4-6-1855* Chatham Co., Ga. d. 2-6-1952 in Savannah, Ga., daughter of Samuel C. Richardson and Elizabeth Susanne Lightsey.
marr. 1. (4-3-1871) Owen Brittle, 2.(1874) James Calvin Fennell (son of William H. and Rebecca Gooding Fennell - b. Apr. 1851 Hampton Co., SC, d. 10-16-1936, Chatham Co., Ga. Bur. Laurel Grove Cem., Savannah, Ga. lot #1920

Children (all b. Savannah, GA):
1. William Bransford b. 1876, marr. l. Josephine, 2. Liza
2. Charles Hansford, b. 11-4-1879, d. 1-7-1958 marr.: l. Maggie, 2. Mamie, 3. Mrs. Dell Martin - l daughter (by Mamie) = Caroline (“Carrie”) b. 10-29-1906 Savannah, GA., d. marr. Lamar Ulmer Stroud (b. 6-6-1907, d.9-9-1962) Charlie was a rum-runner during prohibition who had his own boat (which burned in the 20's) and went back and forth to Cuba.
3. Mary, b. ca 1884, d. 8-12-1886
4. Ella Eola, b. 10-22-1885, d. 4-1-1958, marr. Philip Mehrtens
Children: Geneva, d. as infant, Bertha (murdered 1946 at Montgomery Crossroads, Labor Day weekend after going to the aid of an elderly lady), Richard Marion (d. 2-1994, married twice, 2nd time to Mrs. Virginia Buckley McKutcheon who had 4 children of her own. He had 2, their son together was Phillip Mehrtens, b. 4-10-1966, marr. Elizabeth Flowers), and Robert D. Mehrtens, b. Feb 1915, d. 8-13-1917.
5. Agnes Evelyn, b. 12-1889, d. , marr. 12-25-1906 to Hans Hugo Von Borganski (b. ca 1883 in Germany, d. 2-25-1925)
6. Orrin Edward, b. 8-25-1893 (aka. Edward Oliver), d. 3-22-1951, unmarried
7. Robert Samuel, b. 2-2-1897, twin to #8, d. 9-7-1987, bur. Pinecrest Memorial, Jesup, Ga., marr. Lila Murph. Children: l. Robert Samuel Fennell, Jr., b. 4-3-1919, marr. Mary Augusta Farrar (b. 12-3-1918. 2. Margaret Alice Fennell, b. 11-30-1924, marr. Geo. Thomas Barnes (b. 3-6-1925) 3. Joan Caroline Fennell, b. 9-5-1932, marr. Thomas Brockman Earle, Jr. (b. 7-26-1930)
8. Roberta Rebecca, b. 2-2-1897, twin to #7, d. Jan. 1969, marr. Arthur Benjamin Connor.
Children: l. Arthur Benjamin, Jr., B. 10-19-1918 2. James Julian Connor, b. 3-6-1921, marr. Ann Holbrook, 3. Agnes Latrelle b. 10-19-1922, marr. Edwin Akins Brack (b. 12-27-1921, d. 12-1-1979) 4. Richard Anthony Connor, b. 2-10-1929 5. John Calvin "Jack" Connor, b. 3-6-1937, marr. Jean Jarrell (b. 9-18-1940)



Nancy (“Nicey") Elizabeth Richardson b. 1847 Chatham Co., GA, d. 7-30-1921, bur. lot 1919, Laurel Grove, Savannah, Ga., daughter of Samuel C. and Elizabeth Susanne Lightsey Richardson. married: l. ____ Hughes (d. in war) 2. on June 27, 1878 John B. Waldron (b. 1849, d. 5-16-1900 son of John B.and Mary A. Waldron, of S.C. and Chatham Co.)

During the Civil War occupation of Sherman’s troups, Nicey, about 18 at the time, was raped by a gang of Union soldiers. She had run to hide in a field of dry corn stalks, but they set fire to it to run her out. Afterward, Nicey had an illegitimate child, but even with this stigma, she took her little daughter to Savannah and set up a boarding house for railroad workers. She was a wonderful cook, and her business flourished. She remarried to a childhood friend, John Waldron and had children by this marriage. The child of the rape, Ella, called by the surname of neighbors - Ferrell, was much loved by the family as an especially sweet and good person. Unfortunately she died a few months after her marriage to John Arnsdorff, who grieved for years for “his Ella”.
First child: Ellen “Ferrell”, b. ca 1866 d. 1-21-1885, marr. 6-12-1884 John Arnsdorff. (b. ca. 1862 GA., d. 12-26-1932, Chatham Co.)

Children by Waldron:
1. Ida C., b. 1880, Savannah, Ga. d. 6-19-1950, Savannah, Ga. marr. 12-31-1902 James H. Dotson - children: 1. Jimmy (marr. (l) Mary Lane (2) Mary Jane Corbett 2. Homer (marr. Verna Fries), 3. Alpha, marr. Harold Meyers. 4. Horace, b. 8-28-1913, marr. Angela Anestos (Greek Orthodox) 5. Millie (Mildred) 6. Margaret E., b. & d. 1910

2. Horace S. born 1883, Sav., Ga.marr . (8-23-1913) Annie A. Werner - son: Horace, Jr. married 6-21-1941 Nell Laughlin (b. 12-4-1914, d. 12-1-1967) = children: James Steven Waldron, b. 9-28-1942, and David Edward Waldron, b. 1-18-1947

3. John Robert Waldron,("Red") b. 12-29-1888, Savannah, Ga.d. 3-8-1970, bur. Gravel Hill, Bloomingdale, GA., marr. Laura Gill, b. 1-5-1889, d. 12-12-1947, (dau of Jasper and Mary Driggers Gill)
one daughter; Pauline, b.2-6-1909 marr. 6-9-1929 to Theodore J. Newton. children of Pauline & Theo: Betty, b. 8-10-1930, Louise, b. 3-25-1932, Nancy, b. 1-10-1942.


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