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Julien Green

"the song of the South"

Julien Green was born (1900) and raised in Paris, France. His father was from Virginia, and his mother from Savannah, GA. His parents, both being from Southern states, instilled in him the values and culture of their homeland to such a degree, that Julien Green had a sense of belonging to the South long before he ever visited it in early adulthood. His mother, Mary Green, often told her children stories of her and her family's experiences during and after the Civil War. Her father being a Confederate Congressman, she was deeply attached to her Southern heritage and grieved at the South's conquest and destruction. This had a powerful effect on Julien, who would continue to return to the South as a setting and theme for his work throughout his lifetime. Julien left Paris to attend the University of Virginia in 1920 where he wrote several short stories in English. Retuning to Paris in 1923, Green wrote numerous stories, essays, novels, and autobiographical works in both French and English. He was very prolific in his lifetime, and many of his works had Southern settings and themes. These works include Sud (or South) a play, Moira (a novel), his trilogy Les Pays Lontains (The Distant Lands), Les Etioles du Sud, and Dixie, and his Journal (in several volumes, autobiographical). He continued to publish throughout his life until his death in 1998.

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