Sample Webs Built By Yours Truly

Sample Web Sites

Sample web for bookstore
Sample web for boatbuilder
Old web for bookstore with catalog

The bookstore web is fairly extensive, it also includes a section on the legendary local sea monster, the Altamaha-Ha. And a section on Georgia writers that was once part of UGA's Teacher Resource Web.

There is a database driven inventory and catalog for web ordering of used books, in the older version of the bookstore web. It is also a little slicker, especially since it was written in nothing but windows notepad.

Some of the components like the webcounters, and guestbooks, won't function because they were designed in Perl Script for another server, and this free server does not utilize or support those scripts.

The boatbuilder web is really just a bunch of photos and yacking about boatbuilding, not really a great example of web design, but it is functional