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Gardening has long been a way of life, in the South. The warmer climes and the great concentration, variety and voracity of insects, make Southern gardening a unique challange. Here on these pages we have put together some materials on Southern Gardening, and provided links to several excellent sites operated by others which you may find useful.

We hope you enjoy this page, and as always, please take the time to email owners of sites you appreciate. Tell them why you liked it, or what else you would like to see. Feedback is so helpful.

Here you can read reviews of the newest gardening books on the market, learn how different plants will fare in your zone, and most importantly find in-depth information on more than a thousand plants in our Plant Encyclopedia.
TIME / LIFE's complete gardening site. Look up zones, check out forums, read columns by gardening experts, search the Plant Encyclopedia, and much more.
Garden Solutions features Dutch bulbs and perennials from Breck's, nursery products from Spring Hill, seed mixes from Vermont Wildflower Farm, fruit trees and berries from Stark Brothers and others. Their InfoDigger answers 10,000+ gardening questions.
Butterflies! Everything about them, and how you go about attracting them to your garden, where ever it may be.
The Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center is the largest glass-enclosed tropical butterfly conservatory in North America is at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain. The Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, which opened in September 1988, is included in the ranks of the world's foremost butterfly conservatories in London, Melbourne and Tokyo.
With his combination of practical experience and university education, Walter Reeves is the ideal host for The Georgia Gardener, Georgia Public Television's new half-hour entry aimed at home gardeners in the Southeastern United States
Garden Web's Southern Gardening Forum (message board).
The Old Farmer's Almanac
The Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens - University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Located in southwestern Savannah.
The World Plant Shop - One of our favorite nurseries for warm climate plants - excellent service and prices.

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