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Caroline Miller

Caroline Miller

"Writer from Waycross, Georgia"

Born in Waycross, Georgia, August 26, 1903, daughter of Elias and Levy Zan Pafford.

Distinguished American novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner for "Lamb in His Bosom" (1934), that novel of early pioneers of Georgia's swamplands just off the coast. Their trials and triumphs over adversity and the natural earthiness of her characters, Cean, Lonzo, et al, are true to the period and people. A pattern of life and kind of people which have been lost to the modern age of urbanization and suburbanization. The sort of folk who gladly became an inseparable part of the land they worked so hard to eke a living from - those dead heroes who now exist only in the pages of great books such as these.

Her novel, "Lebanon" (1945), also set in the Georgia lowlands, tells the story of Lebanon Fairgale, a backwoods Georgian of the early 1800's - who is as much a part of that landscape as the moss-hung oaks, cypress trees, wild flowers. water birds and those furry creatures which inhabit the swamp and pinelands. Only a steeped-in-Georgia native with acute observation and a great heart could have written these stories with such accuracy and grace.

Both are a reading feast to fill the heart.

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