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Robert Latimer Hurst (Bob)

Bob Hurst
"Writer from Waycross, Georgia"

Robert Latimer Hurst has two published books about Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida in print. One is a large edition, THIS MAGIC WILDERNESS: PARTS I & II, while the second, AT RANDOM IN THE WILDERNESS is smaller with a continuation of this area's stories plus a number of travel stories related to his experiences overseas.
You may view samples of his work on Georgia Genealogical Archives under Ware County. Some of these entries are taken from his books. He is presently working on a collection about Caroline Pafford Miller, as requested by her niece. And for more information about his work, please refer to www.okefenokeeswamp.com/History/Books/books.html/. This webside is somewhat dated and the referred book is now in print at Brantley Printing Company.
Bob Hurst is a lifetime Waycross Georgia native.  He attended Georgia Teachers College in Statesboro (Major English), volunteered for draft in U.S. Army (two years in AGC at Fort Jackson, S.C.), enrolled in Columbia University and completed his master's degree in English and received a fellowship offered by the Wall Street Journal in journalism at University of Georgia. He, later, taught English for the Waycross Off-Campus Center in Waycross and, even later, mass communication for Waycross College. He taught most of his career in the Ware County School System, mostly Senior English and journalism, until several years before his retirement in 1994. During that period, he was public relations director for the school system.